Rabu, 13 April 2016

Mikropor Filter for Gas Turbine & Turbo Machinery

We congratulate for PLTG Senipah, Kaltim who has just joined to be our valuable customers. Presently just decided to use our filter for their gas turbines GE Frame 6A. 

The type of Filter/Part Number: MTF 480660-F9SG used as considered have many advantages as can described below;

World’s Best Efficiency Performance for Pulse Applications :

MTF-SG Series filters are constructed using Synthetic/Glass Fiber. Simply, there is no better performing filter media available to meet the flow performance requirements and high efficiency filtration needs for turbo machinery that requires pulse.

High Initial Efficiency Delivers Real Savings to the Customers :

Many filters with low initial efficiency reach acceptable levels of efficiency because, over the life of the filter, accumulating dust actually improves filter performance. However, while the initial efficiency of typical filter is low and dust is accumulating, a great many small particles still pass through the filter and cause expensive turbine fouling. 

Particulate decreases turbine efficiency, decreases turbine heat rate and significantly impacts maintenance costs. To solve this problem, turbines protected with low initial efficiency filters must be washed periodically.

Synthetic / Glass Fiber Media Filter Features :

  • High initial and average efficiencies
  • Fibers do not adsorb moisture (hydrophobic) and low pressure drop
  • Strong and compatible with pulse.

Advantages of MTF-SG Series Filters :

  • Good for pulse if needed
  • Turbine fouling is negligible
  • Turbine heat rate is maximized
  • High initial efficiency and high average efficiency

For further more detail information please find us at: www.zevanya.com 

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